Founder and CEO

Runar Einarsrud

Runar was born and raised in Norway in a family intimately familiar with the hospitality and food industries. His enthusiasm for both industries was cultivated at home along with lessons from his parents about the importance of passion, love and care in whatever work he put his name on.


As a child, Runar cultivated a passion for the food and hospitality industries while growing up with a mother as a hotel operator and a father as a baker. He also learned about the importance of pouring one’s heart into one’s work in order to nurture others, and adopted his parents core work values: love, care, and passion.


Driven by his childhood teachings, in 2004 Runar founded related companies of his own in the hospitality and food industries in Norway. He soon came to realize the Scandinavian customer care and tasting experience, two long-standing traditions in his own family, were a veritable rarity on the global scene. Customers often revealed genuine care for their personal well-being was absent from almost every product or service they used.


For this very reason, in 2013 Runar decided to export the essence of his business to the rest of the world by starting a new company: the Scandinavian Co. The United States was the holding’s first destination. It was here the company opened its first store in South Florida on the picturesque corner of Tyler Street and Dixie Highway (45 min away from Miami) under the name of: The Scandinavian Bakery and Coffee House.


In 2017, the opportunity to expand and be closer to our customers knocked on our door. The Scandinavian Bakery and Coffee House combined the beauty, aroma, texture, and quality of traditional Scandinavian pastry and bakery, great coffee in a relaxing atmosphere, all served alongside exceptional customer service. It was not long before first time customers became regular customers, and later those regular customers brought their family, friends, and co-workers along creating new customers. In fact, word of the Scandinavian tasting experience spread to different areas both in and out of the state of Florida. Even today, several of our customers plead guilty for driving tons of miles just to visit our store and purchase our products.

The Cannaregio Group and Virtuos Capital, two American investment firms, offered to join The Scandinavian Co’s journey towards expansion through franchising in Northern America. 


Anthony Jarrín


Anthony is the Founder & CEO of The Cannaregio Group, a private investment and advisory firm. Born and raised in Ecuador, Anthony started his professional path at Vanderbilt University when he moved to the United States at the age of eighteen. Here he graduated with a degree in Economics and Business Administration.

Following twenty years on Wall Street and as a Vice President at Morgan Stanley, Anthony started his own private equity firm. Founded in 2014, he worked as an investor and start-up operator in the real estate, hospitality, consumer goods, media, and technology industries. Soon after he crossed paths with Runar Einarsrud and the Scandinavian Bakery and Coffee House.

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